Saturday, 24 November 2007

RIP Favourite Jeans

Just a quick one.

Yesterday, whilst sitting down to watch the Heroes from Wednesday, I ripped my favourite jeans :(

Considering they're about 7 years old and were bought in Primark, that's fairly impressive.

I will miss them...

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Oh my goodness

Wow! I just came across this on the internet. I've actually ordered something from this company through ebay, and was checking the status of my order (only problem ordering from Hong Kong is the delivery time!)

So, this company called Uxcell sell a watch which plays music, displays your photos and even plays videos! It has 2GB of memory, which is enough for a reasonable mix of the three (enough to keep you entertained on the train to work). And here's the best part, the whole thing costs under £36 (not including P&P of course).

I was so amazed that I just had to tell the world, OK, so the 6 people that read my blog ;)

Still, it doesn't compare to my GP2X. Games (old and new), movies, music...

Thursday, 1 November 2007


I recently purchased a GP2X, a handheld gaming/media device. And I am currently awaiting it to be delivered. It should be arriving sometime tomorrow or Saturday hopefully.

The GP2X is incredible, because it is LINUX based. This means that it has (built-in) a music player, a movie player (which plays virtually anything), a photo viewer and an e-book reader. In addition, because it is simply LINUX-based, you can have any of a load of emulators (giving you the ability to play games from all sorts of classic systems from the Spectrum up to the Playstation), palm-top software, homebrew games and virtually any software you might want. Oh, and because it includes a USB interface, this also provides opportunity to use a wifi dongle for wireless internet too...

The reason I've had to wait is because I pre-ordered the latest version, which also includes a touchscreen (thus hopefully making Palm-top stuff a lot easier, and opening the door for DS-style games).

I'm really excited, which is really annoying Lucy. She'll probably end up playing on it more than me anyway. I'm mostly getting it for it's media capabilities. Movies and music on the go for about the same as an equivalent, except the sound quality and toys will hopefully be better, the screen will be bigger, it has TV-Out and it plays games. Rock on.

More info here (plus, if you buy one I can earn some dosh):

University Today

Someone sent this by e-mail to all of the students in my department at University. Whilst I don't like the idea of a first year using the mailing list to send junk round to all of the undergraduate students, it turned out that this was rather good.

This is a video created quite recently, highlighting modern University life. I'm just glad that it's not just me.

Anyway, take a look:

If that interests you, you should also look at a video called Academia 2.0 at:

Learning today needs serious rethinking, and not just at University level. Kids in school are being pumped full of facts, but are lacking in understanding or the ability to assimilate the information. Also, no one is taught any vital life-skills. Not at school, because they're too busy trying to pass exams; not at home, because both parents have to work in order to live the way they think they're supposed to.

Anyway, rant over. Back to work...