Thursday, 1 November 2007

University Today

Someone sent this by e-mail to all of the students in my department at University. Whilst I don't like the idea of a first year using the mailing list to send junk round to all of the undergraduate students, it turned out that this was rather good.

This is a video created quite recently, highlighting modern University life. I'm just glad that it's not just me.

Anyway, take a look:

If that interests you, you should also look at a video called Academia 2.0 at:

Learning today needs serious rethinking, and not just at University level. Kids in school are being pumped full of facts, but are lacking in understanding or the ability to assimilate the information. Also, no one is taught any vital life-skills. Not at school, because they're too busy trying to pass exams; not at home, because both parents have to work in order to live the way they think they're supposed to.

Anyway, rant over. Back to work...

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