Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Weak Gospel

Just a quick one today. Yesterday I came into contact with some weak gospel (i.e. that becoming a Christian is great, Jesus is our best mate, Christians never have any troubles and so on) and I've had a bible passage and a song going through my head ever since.

John 16:33 says "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

And the song says this:
When you feel weakest, dangers surround,
Subtle temptations, troubles abound,
Nothing seems hopeful, nothing seems glad,
All is despairing, everything sad:

If all were easy, if all were bright,
Where would the cross be, and where the fight?
But in the hardness, God gives to you
Chances of proving that you are true.

Keep on believing, Jesus is near;
Keep on believing, there's nothing to fear;
Keep on believing, this is the way;
Faith in the night as well as the day.
We will have trouble, we ought to have trouble, because we preach something that is foolishness to the wise, and a stumbling block to the religious. The Bible says that there is not one good enough. No one can get to heaven on their own (and the alternative is hell), it is only at Christ's expense that we may approach God.

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