Friday, 11 November 2011

I never finish anything

It occurred to me the other day that I never seem to finish anything. It's my biggest flaw.

I looked back over my education and realised this happened over and over. I completed very few of my DT projects, including my GCSE project. I failed to complete my A-Level Computing project to an adequate standard and had to redo it after I left college. My entire degree suffered because my final year project was naff.

I've started a mobile app for a charity back when I was unemployed. Should've been finished by the summer, still unfinished.

I've been meaning to redo my personal website. It's seriously poor for someone who does websites for a living. Not even started that one.

I keep saying that I'll put a media PC in at home, that I'll convert our existing old PC into a server, that I'll scan in all our documents that aren't vital to keep and shred them; all still not done.

Worse still, I said I'd read the Bible in a year. I started 1st January and, according to, I'll be finished 1st July next year. Yep, that's right. Year nearly over and I'm not even half way.

I have a brain full of ideas most of which that I never get started and the rest never get finished.

I don't really know what sharing this will do, but hopefully it's the start of me working out some ways to get some things finished.

BTW. It's never been a problem with work, I always get my stuff finished. Weird, huh?

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