Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Jesus Is Lord!

Having started a series on the fundamentals of our faith, some time back, it seems like I missed a step really. So in this post I'm going to backtrack and start from the very beginning. Since I started the series on this blog, I'll keep it here, but future posts of this nature will probably be posted on the Mission Cornwall blog.

We absolutely believe in Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ or Messiah, and that He was the son of God.

We believe in a trinitarian god-head, or as the old song puts it "God in three persons, blessed trinity". We believe that there is a Father/Creator, the Holy Spirit who is the breath of God and Jesus, the son of God and son of man.

We believe in the Bible, although we don't believe the story ended there - I guess that one is a post all in itself.

We believe wholeheartedly that Jesus came to save, to heal and to inaugurate the new covenant and the coming of God's kingdom. The arrival of God's kingdom is, for us, simultaneously past, present and future. That is, it started with Jesus and, to quote Jesus, it is "at hand" - that is to say both here-and-now and also imminent.

We believe that Jesus started a movement that would be announce the coming kingdom and catalyse it's creation. They became Christians and they, in turn, became paganised by the Roman establishment.

So today we find ourselves Jesus followers, but not always 100% sure of what that means, hence the need to explore our fundamentals in the first place!

I think that's enough for a fundamental, I'll get working on some more posts soon, otherwise these won't be "Fundamentals 2013" any more...

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