Friday, 12 July 2013

What a lovely week!

It's time for a weekly catch-up! Surprised I'm following through? Me too... That being said it's been too good a week not to share ;-)

So last Friday after I finished work we went to St Ives for the evening for some fish and chips (or pizza in Lucy's case). It was a great evening that finished with us overlooking Porthmeor beach:

On Saturday we travelled further up the county to see St Nectan's Glen, something I blogged about on the BackRods Blog. If you can't look right now, in short it's amazing.

Here's an animated gif kindly generated by Google+ of Lucy and Isaac in front of the waterfall!

On Sunday we went to Trengwainton Gardens, a lovely National Trust garden in Madron near Penzance. We had a picnic lunch (picture below) and then a lovely stroll around the gardens. Isaac was particularly impressed by all of the bamboo, pointing it out to us as we walked around. The weather was so hot we felt like we were in another country!
"Picnic under the flowering dogwood at Trengwainton" Instagram @cyberneticiandave
Unfortunately towards the end of Sunday our inside back door decided it would be fun to smash into a million pieces so since then we've been avoiding using the door in case the remaining glass decides to also jump out. This would have to happen when the weather is hot and we might actually want to go out in the garden. Still, Lucy has been making up for it by visiting both of the parks in the village (we're so blessed to have two) most days this week!

Monday called for a trip to the beach, complete with Lucy and I swimming in the sea (not at the same time). Photographic proof was required, as this is not a regular occurrence, especially for Lucy, unfortunately no such proof exists for me.

When I wasn't helping Isaac splash in or walk through the little pool that had formed on the beach I was cooking our tea; it's not unusual for us to make some pasta on the beach after work using a little gas ring, but we've never seen it quite so busy. Lots of others barbecuing etc, but no one else eating freshly cooked pasta... we're unique...

Tuesday was a slightly quieter day, some shopping and a little walk around the village in the evening. No photos for you of those special moments...

Wednesday we got back on the adventures and a trip to Penzance after work. We had a stroll up and down the promenade and threw pebbles in the sea. Isaac had so much fun doing that he wasn't keen on finishing our stroll, but eventually he followed us up the stony bank and rode on Dada's shoulders the rest of the way.

Apart from the pebbles another Isaac highlight was looking at the lighthouse (that may not be) and saying "flash flash".

Thursday involved collecting a load of firewood, thanks to freegle, a bit more shopping and chilling out at home.

And finally today, we went back to Penzance after our tea to play in the lovely park there looking out to sea.

So all in all, a good week. Next week we have visitors and I've got a couple of days off, so that should be good. The weather is forecast to continue too! :-)

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